How To Connect With Powerful and Influential People


It’s indisputable that having connections with powerful and influential people will help you in business.

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Knowing the right people can make all the difference, and that’s why so many entrepreneurs make regular appearances at networking events.

Connecting with the titans of entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It requires social skills and people skills, which not everyone has.

The hardest part is getting your foot in the door with these powerful people or companies, but once you’re in, you’re in. You can start with an e-mail since that’s an easy first step.

Look at LinkedIn, because LinkedIn will usually tell you who’s at the head of the company you’re looking at.

Here are some very few tips to get you started,

1. Send a Pitch.

Perfect your pitch, and then get ready to send it out to plenty of influential people.

Explain in your pitch that you’re talking to other companies as well and that you’re looking for a partner.

You can explain the traction and success you’ve achieved so far, without over-explaining. Ensure that the value you’re offering to them is crystal clear.

2. Be Persistent.

You might have to pitch the same person more than once before they pay attention. I’ve e-mailed someone 12 times before they said yes.

That’s right. They said “no” 11 times, and finally, on the 12th try, they probably wanted me to stop bothering them, so they agreed to help me.

You don’t need a magic connection, you just need to keep working to try to get through to these people.

Follow up with more e-mails, a phone call, etc. You must follow up. You need to have thick skin, and be able to accept rejection without letting it derail you or discourage you.

Rejection is part of the process, and gets you closer to that “yes”.

3. Offer Something For Free.

You should never discount your services. However, to get your first couple of big names on board, offer something for free.

This helps you get those first few key people to say yes, and then more influential people will follow.

Think about which person, company or influencer in your market is somebody who, if you can land them, it’ll help you land everyone else.

Go after that specific person with an offer they can’t refuse, where you offer them value for free.

4. Name Drop.

If you’ve already landed some good people or companies who have agreed to work with you, name drop those well-known people or companies in your pitch.

Explain who is already on board, and ask whoever you’re pitching if they’d like to get involved. They’re more likely to say yes if they are aware that other influential people have already said yes.

5. It’s a Numbers Game.

If you reach out to 100 people, someone is bound to say yes. If you only reach out to 3 people, however, it’s very likely that none of them will say yes.

That’s why connecting with powerful and influential people is a hustle.

Don’t give up, and keep trying to connect.

6.Attitude matters.

There is a popular saying that, your attitude will determine your altitude, so you should very careful at the way you act when you are in front of a potential client or a business investor.

Don’t be so quick to brag about all you have, take it slow and steady.


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